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Prediction of ground surface settlement induced by shield tunneling construction based on neural fu...
LI Xingchun,LI Xinggao
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Surface subsidence features of pit in pit foundation and application of stratum compensation theory...
SUN Yi, ZHANG Dingli, ZHAO Yong
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Influence of finite boundary fringe effect on the rail potential in DC traction power supply system
YANG Xiaofeng,WANG Huikang, ZHENG Trillion Q.
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.20190146
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Measurement of rail-to-earth resistance for track sections without civil structure in urban rail
LIU Wei, LI Tian, CHEN Huayin, LI Fuqiang, LI Siwen
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.20200006
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Numerical simulation of mitigation methods and the effects on metro stray current interference on bu...
DONG Liang, SHI Chaojie, CHEN Shuxian, LIU Jia, YAO Zhilin
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.20200020
Abstract ( 32 ) HTML PDF (7330 KB)  ( 27 )
Evaluation model for dynamic interference of subway stray current based on surface potential gradien...
WANG Yuqiao, HUANG Yujian, PENG Chengkuan, LI Wei, WANG Chengtao
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.20200008
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Test and analysis of stray current in rail transit maintenance base
CHEN Zhiguang, WU Cong, QIN Chaokui
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.20200016
Abstract ( 19 ) HTML PDF (8292 KB)  ( 21 )
Dynamic distribution of rail potential and stray current in urban rail transit
LOU Jinjun, ZHANG Dongliang
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.20200018
Abstract ( 39 ) HTML PDF (6787 KB)  ( 52 )
Abnormal distribution and control method of rail potential in urban rail transit depot and parking l...
WU Sier, DU Guifu
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.20200007
Abstract ( 24 ) HTML PDF (7911 KB)  ( 46 )
A multi-section metro rail potential dynamic emulator system
XU Jie, YANG Xiaofeng, WANG Huikang, ZHENG Trillion Q.
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.20190145
Abstract ( 22 ) HTML PDF (15906 KB)  ( 69 )
Modeling and distribution of rail potential and stray current with non-uniform insulation in multipl...
ZHENG Zixuan, DU Guifu, ZHU Chengqian
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.20200024
Abstract ( 24 ) HTML PDF (12134 KB)  ( 54 )
Analysis of smoothed particle hydrodynamics of heat conduction with phase change during the soil fre...
CHEN Peipei,QI Linghao, YANG Guangchang, QI Jilin
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.20190124
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2018 Vol42 No 1

ISSN 1673-0291
CN 11-5258/U

Founded in 1975

SUN Shouguang

index CSA, CA, AJ, JST, Scopus, CSCD

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