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Prediction of ground surface settlement induced by shield tunneling construction based on neural fu...
LI Xingchun,LI Xinggao
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Surface subsidence features of pit in pit foundation and application of stratum compensation theory...
SUN Yi, ZHANG Dingli, ZHAO Yong
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Study on durability and service life of concrete structure of coastal tunnel
LIU Qiang, HUANG Miansong, JIN Feng
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.2018.06.001
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Development and verification of nonlinear constitutive model for geotechnical materials
ZHANG Liangyi, CHEN Tielin, ZHANG Dingli, AN Fei
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.2018.06.002
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Analysis on influencing factors of expansion-contraction force of CRTSⅢ slab track CWR on bridge
ZHANG Pengfei, GUI Hao, GAO Liang, LEI Xiaoyan
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.2018.06.003
Abstract ( 33 ) HTML PDF (4329 KB)  ( 22 )
Deformation characteristics and mechanism analysis at the road tunnel junction segment of high-speed...
HU Guoping, ZHENG Mingxin, FAN Yakun, ZHONG Lianggen
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.2018.06.004
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Finite element analysis of bearing capacity test of single pipe-pile with hole
YUE Tengsheng, KE Zhaibang, LEI Jinbo, LIANG Rongzhu, ZHANG Tao, YANG Jinyou
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.2018.06.005
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Experimental study on the treatment of sewage by hybrid vertical constructed wetland
FAN Yinghong
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.2018.06.006
Abstract ( 22 ) HTML PDF (1405 KB)  ( 9 )
Risk evaluation for railway express cargo loss based on BDD
FENG Fenling, YAN Meihao
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.2018.06.007
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Research on fare and frequency for high-speed rail feeder buses based on the maximization benefits
ZHANG Yingqun, SONG Rui, HE Shiwei, YIN Weichuan
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.2018.06.008
Abstract ( 36 ) HTML PDF (3800 KB)  ( 11 )
A probability-dominant C-Logit stochastic traffic assignment model
ZHANG Wenyi, LI Zhi, LI Honglian, ZHONG Han
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.2018.06.009
Abstract ( 32 ) HTML PDF (1044 KB)  ( 12 )
Design of the virtual-rail train-like vehicle based on all-wheel differential steering
SUN Bangcheng, WANG Wenjun, LIU Zhiming, CUI Tao, LI Minggao
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.2018.06.010
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2018 Vol42 No 1

ISSN 1673-0291
CN 11-5258/U

Founded in 1975

SUN Shouguang

index CSA, CA, AJ, JST, Scopus, CSCD

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