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Prediction of ground surface settlement induced by shield tunneling construction based on neural fu...
LI Xingchun,LI Xinggao
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Surface subsidence features of pit in pit foundation and application of stratum compensation theory...
SUN Yi, ZHANG Dingli, ZHAO Yong
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Mechanism of highway & railway multimodal transportation involved in Brokers logistics service colla...
QIU Xiaoping, CHEN Yijing, CHE Hengqing, HUANG Yuanxin
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.2018.03.001
Abstract ( 64 ) HTML PDF (4225 KB)  ( 47 )
Internet private hire vehicle service quality evaluation based on principal component analysis and B...
SHAO Chunfu, WANG Jing, PENG Jinshuan
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.2018.03.002
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Research on reliable logistic facility location under information shortage and budget constraints
DONG Peng, WANG Xifu, YUN Lifen
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.2018.03.003
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Multimodal transportation routing optimization considering fuzzy demands
YU Xueqiao, LANG Maoxiang, WANG Weizhe, YU Xiao
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.2018.03.004
Abstract ( 23 ) HTML PDF (1065 KB)  ( 28 )
Optimization for double-track railway train timetabling considering the maintenance skylight and the...
LAN Zekang, HE Shiwei, LI Haodong, YIN Weichuan, BI Mingkai
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.2018.03.005
Abstract ( 20 ) HTML PDF (995 KB)  ( 18 )
Application of fuzzy theory to weight optimization algorithm of railway passenger transport safety i...
WU Jiang, CHEN Ziding, JIA Yuanhua, SUN Dongye
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.2018.03.006
Abstract ( 26 ) HTML PDF (1303 KB)  ( 23 )
Commuters identification for urban rail transit using automatic fare collection data
ZOU Qingru, ZHAO Peng, YAO Xiangming, WANG Bo
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.2018.03.007
Abstract ( 26 ) HTML PDF (1240 KB)  ( 23 )
Analysis of the service time of security check in subway stations and its influence factors
ZHENG Xun, LI Haiying, CHEN Xu, LUO Yongji
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.2018.03.008
Abstract ( 31 ) HTML PDF (1027 KB)  ( 25 )
Study on multi-scale dynamic boundary approximation analysis method and experimental verification
TIAN Yuan, CHEN Ming, YANG Wanli, ZHANG Nan, XIA He
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.2018.03.009
Abstract ( 27 ) HTML PDF (2335 KB)  ( 19 )
Experimental study on long term mechanical performance of buried round-pipe corrugated steel culvert...
LIU Baodong, XU Weibo, XU Daohan, LIU Pengfei, TIAN Zihan
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.2018.03.010
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2018 Vol42 No 1

ISSN 1673-0291
CN 11-5258/U

Founded in 1975

SUN Shouguang

index CSA, CA, AJ, JST, Scopus, CSCD

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