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Prediction of ground surface settlement induced by shield tunneling construction based on neural fu...
LI Xingchun,LI Xinggao
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Surface subsidence features of pit in pit foundation and application of stratum compensation theory...
SUN Yi, ZHANG Dingli, ZHAO Yong
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Preliminary study on Detailed & Equilibrium analysis theory in railway projects
GAO Liang, ZHAO Wenqiang, ZHONG Yanglong, MA Chaozhi, YIN Hao
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.20190128
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Connecting optimization of last train in rail transit based on differential transfer preception
YUAN Zhenzhou, WEI Lai, WU Yuelin, DAI Lufeng, XIAO Qingyu
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.20190055
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Optimization model of train operation density for cross-line in regional rail transit
LIANG Qinghuai, CHAI Shushan, DENG Jingwei
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.20190047
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Stability and safety analysis for heterogeneous traffic flow composed of intelligent and connected v...
JIANG Yangsheng, HU Rong, YAO Zhihong, WU Peicai, LUO Xiaoling
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.20190045
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Integrated design of station sites and network of bus microcirculation system in open communities
DENG Jihao, SONG Rui, CHEN Xiaohong, WANG Tianshi, WANG Baihao
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.20190071
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Transportation mode selection model considering traveler’s personal preferences
YAO Enjian, CHEN Weidi, LU Tianwei, YANG Yang
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.20190072
Abstract ( 58 ) HTML PDF (1402 KB)  ( 109 )
Competitiveness analysis of commercial vehicle railway transportation in China:a case study of Beiji...
LI Shiqi, LANG Maoxiang, YU Xueqiao, LU Yue, LI Chengli
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.20190054
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Research on the stress distribution of axle with typical defects and its influence on fatigue perfor...
REN Zunsong, LYU Xiaoxu, LI Qiuze
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.20190021
Abstract ( 47 ) HTML PDF (6443 KB)  ( 29 )
Study on residual life of high-speed train axle based on measured load spectrum
JIN Xincan, HUANG Jinyi
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.20190022
Abstract ( 33 ) HTML PDF (6400 KB)  ( 8 )
Structural reliability analysis of levitation chassis of high-speed maglev
LI Qiang, YAO Yujin, YU Dalian, YUAN Yuqing
doi: 10.11860/j.issn.1673-0291.20190019
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2018 Vol42 No 1

ISSN 1673-0291
CN 11-5258/U

Founded in 1975

SUN Shouguang

index CSA, CA, AJ, JST, Scopus, CSCD

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